Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rewriting the Dictionary

Okay, I've joked about that.  Rewriting the dictionary to suit modern political-correct thought.  It's a clever way of explaining how things that aren't, are.  And how things that are, are not.  Just redefine the words.  Truth ain't what it used to be.  Now it's something else.

C'mon, I was joking!

But oh no, they're very serious.  Evidentiary item number one:

Marriage:  once defined as a union between a man and a woman;  stated as such in Webster's dictionary.  I have the dictionary, it's very clear.  No mention of same-sex marriage appears there.

Today, the very same purveyor's dictionary includes reference to "a couple of the same sex" in the very word's definition.  Do you ever get the feeling that bits and pieces of reality (at least as you knew it) are disappearing?  

Folks, they are actually rewriting the dictionary.  Literally.

I have to worry about what will happen when these people start redrawing the maps, too.


N82U said...

The problem, Jeff is that you are operating under the "old" definition of truth. I believe the thing that has hereby been known as absolute or iron clad, had a paradigm shift as well. We (collectively) only deal in convenient truth now. Al Gore invented that too, and that is the truth.

Zephrael said...

Makes me think of the Langoliers...eating the remains of the past...or the present.