Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stop Board Violence, Now!

Derrion Albert was killed by violent tribal thugs near his school on 9/24/09. It needn't have happened.

If sensible measures were in place to assure that wooden construction materials (i.e., "boards") did not fall into the hands of misanthropic gang members, maybe he'd still be alive. Boards are dangerous when misused. Just look at what happens when they fall into the hands of kids afflicted by psychotic malevolent tendencies.

We can't allow this to go on, can we? If only sensible wood-control measures were in place, our streets would be safer. Our children's schools would be safer. After all, who really needs wood, anyway? The average person does not need to have wood, and therefore why shouldn't it be a crime to possess wood in the streets? Only trained and licensed construction personnel have any real need to handle potentially dangerous wood products.

And let's not forget the horrific weapons of murder used to work with wood -- drills, saws, and various hand tools. In the wrong hands all of these things can be misused to terrible effect and loss of life. Senseless, wanton carnage.

The euphemistically titled "construction products industry" keeps pumping out these instruments of death and mayhem with frightening efficiency. They're filling our streets with unlicensed, unregulated weapons that average people shouldn't have in the first place. For what? "Craftsmen"? "Do-it-yourselfers?" I'll say. Take a look at the photo at the top of this article again. Those are some real DIYers, there.

Where is Dianne Feinstein, champion of public safety through regulation, to this end? Just because her long sought restrictions on gun ownership have failed to stem the violence, why should she give up now? By banning or regulating more of these hazardous items, maybe one day we really can turn all our feral psychotics into decent, happy people.
People don't need wood - it causes violence. So make boards illegal, please senator. Then perhaps we will have tranquility and peace in our schools. Do it for Derrion.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Acorn in Meltdown

Way to go, Andrew Breitbart! Along with the brilliantly clever James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, we're witnessing the spasmic fireworks show of the iniquitous ACORN organization, falling apart and disintegrating before all our eyes. Even "mainstream news" can't gloss this one over neatly enough this time. There is no plausible path by which to ignore en masse on journalistic grounds. The the status quo ante that is rpidly becoming the new status quo is a place without an ACORN organization left operating... in any capacity ... and utterly humiliated and discredited, defunded, anad dropped off all the regular invitation lists in coming weeks.

Beware dying institutions of political advocacy. When they go down, it gets ugly, and it's best to stand clear during the final eplosive meltdown that blows its wicked core to smithereens.

Health Care Reform ... Or Jail?

After reading this little article, we can distill the message thusly:
  • If you can't afford health insurance you can 'choose' the government plan.
  • If you opt to go without insurance THEN you will be fined.
  • If you cannot (or will not) pay the fine, THEN you could face jail time.
English translation:
  • Rich people can do what they want.
  • Poor people must do what the government demands or else face imprisonment
Wow, what - whoa! Hold on here. Ummm... I'm still a bit concered about those "death panels". Can we talk about that again?