Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WTF is wrong with you people?

How can people deliberately arrive at a position of support for Obama's campaign?
  • Some people just think socialism is great, pehaps because they're emotionally retarded.
  • Maybe they have an excess of guilt about their own financial success, and feel compelled to have it stripped away by law.
  • The black community is apparently predisposed genetically to vote democrat, except in sporadic cases that can be attributed to DNA mutations caused by cosmic rays.
  • Some people are just guilt-ridden and need to vote for the minority candidate to "break out of the mold".
  • Many of these people are still living with their parents, and want the government to take over after they (the parents) leave the picture.
I've had plenty of my own crises, and still do today. I don't blame any of them on the Bush administration. If anything, the problems I have had (or continue to have) are by my own poor choices. Heck, I can't think of anything in my life to blame Clinton for, except the embarassment he caused us all. Well wait, maybe he signed Feinstein's stupid assault-weapon ban, or was that Bush the elder?

Whatever the reason for their political dysfunction, this is now my official anthem for all of those child-like, glassy-eyed, useful idiots we see at those well-publicized rallies. Let the screams in your heads be the last thing you hear:

What is the LA Times hiding?

This Khalidi videotape with a side-serving of Ayers must be uncomfortable for the Obama camp, no? Could the Times raise any more suspicion about the content than they already have by refusing to release it? Are you getting the feeling that the news you're getting is being carefully filtered and purified before its distribution?

"we owe reparations to the Iraqi people."

Natural citizen, or not?

Why does Obama not present a birth certificate, and quash this question about his natural-born status? This is really starting to bother me a lot.

It's an undeniable requirement - natural citizenship - that is explicitly required by our constitution. Do rules matter anymore, or is this another one of those pesky "fundamental flaws"?

What is the big deal in answering this question?

Thanks, Phil Berg, for raising awareness of this. I think that once we have set the precedent - that is that the rules don't really matter as written - well, anything therein can be discounted as obsolete, outmoded, or irrational...

This is Xander. He's very confused as to why giving his food to the neighbor's cat makes him patriotic..


Please keep this in mind while voting. Thank you.