Wednesday, May 26, 2010

California Seeks Higher Taxes

And that's why I'm no longer living in the state of California.

The state appears to lack a future, so let it collapse.  Let it all end in fire.  You can't get through to the mindless, socialist masses in San Francisco, Sacramento, and LA.  The only way to do it is revert to kindergarten techniques, like show-n-tell.  Something they can relate to, since none of the later mental faculties appear to have developed in those regions.

What a sad, depressing failure that place is.

And guess what?  They'll keep voting the democrats back into Sacramento.  I guarantee it.

There's going to be a great need, several years from now, for mental health care providers in CA.  The lefties in SF and LA, they're not going to change.  But it's not going to work, either.  Raise the taxes even more, and you'll push more of the employers out of the state.  Less jobs, less people, less revenue, higher taxes [... and repeat].  Vicious cycle.

Without Bush & Cheney to blame, lefties will have a paradox on their hands.  "How can bad things happen to us when our (democrat) guys are still in charge, year after year?"  Can't blame it on God if you're an atheist;  what to do...

This is not understood by the legislature in California.  With nearly $20B in debt, the way forward is not to steal more from the population.  It boils down to a fairly simple equation: