Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tax Collections Fall

 Oh dear, oh dear.  It seems that tax hikes aren't working like they're supposed to.  States like California and Washington are seeing their tax revenue drop "unexpectedly" after both states raised their tax rates under Democrat leadership.

As expected, analysts are surprised and bewildered by the drop in revenue.  Once again, Keynesian economics has failed to deliver the goods it promises.  Washington looks like they're heading for a $2 billion shortfall, after having passed an $890 million tax increase earlier in the year.  California is already more than $650 million behind their projected take.  New York, too  is $392 million behind its projections for the year.

Go figure.  Must be those evil 1-percenters again.  Where is Paul Krugman when you need him?

Monday, October 3, 2011

There is no Hope

When a society can no longer diagnose its own ills, and the vast, miseducated and brainwashed masses gleefully seek to amplify the problems which cause their own  discomfort - it's just about game-over.

We now have large swaths of population that have wholly bought-in to the lies they've been shoveled for years by savvy politicians.  They've been told the rich are out to get them.  That we're all at fault for ruining the planet's ecosystem.  And that less is more -- less freedom, that is, means more happiness.

I used to think you could reason with people to gain a higher degree of mutual understanding.  Now, I believe this is a falsehood.  There is a sufficient "critical mass" of people that are totally beholden to illogical, faulty reasoning that society can no longer be expected to "tend toward order" in the long-term.  As demonstrated in Adam's startling (and depressing) video above, seemingly "educated" indivudals are incapable of comprehending the reality that motivates their own protest actions.  The want more of the same.  And they are programmed to disbelieve (or disregard) any potentially conflicting evidence.

That fact ensures their entrapment in the madness.

They use words like "1-percenters" or "corporate masters" or the venerable favorite:  "Haliburton".  But they don't know the meaning of it all.  They think they do, but a simple series of questions, designed to extract a coherent, logical progression -- it causes their ideology to completely collapse.  They cannot explain why.  Hostility increases, and they become defensive.

And never, ever do they let opposing views for critical analysis. The whole, wicked world is out to get them.  The boogeyman in running the bank.  The corporations want to digest your blood for fuel.  And the Tea Partiers are the zombie-henchman of the corporations.  They dare not question any of this, for they are far too long committed to this line of reasoning to ever change.

After all, the Democrats, with which they allied, have told them so.  It must be true. 

At some point, a viral infection threatens your life when the infection has become sufficiently pervasive.  Looks like we're about to collectively succumb to the virus, if you ask me...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Say What?

Okay, who makes signs like this?  I mean, really.  "Freedom go to hell"?  Seriously?  Are these people all completely stupid?  Is this some kind of weird joke?  A photoshop moment, perhaps?
 If this is in any way a real photo, with real people professing their own deep desire not to be free -- how do you deal with that?  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Hilarious Line