Sunday, March 21, 2010

SAS Feelings Hurt by Google StreetView

 We like the SAS and all the good they do, of course.  Things like that are very important, we know from past experiences.  However this latest piss over Google's StreetView is extremely silly:

here is the article

Apparently a Google StreetView car drove by an SAS base and photographed it for their online database.

Heavens, no!  They did what?  Picture-taking you say?  The lot of them should be jailed.  What will they be doing next, writing down information in books?  Sharing textual knowledge on the web?  Oh hell, they ARE doing that, and helping search through it, too, to find the really GOOD stuff!  Think of what the terrorists will do.  The harm it will cause us.  Bombs and chemicals and stuff, they'll learn all about it all!  Mr. President, they'll see the big board!

My goodness, biology too - there's so much of that out there in print and pictures!  What if they find out where my pee-pee place is?  Then they might start doing something really nasty!!

So we should eliminate ALL photography, technical and scientific writing and publications, and keep everyone at home so that no one inadvertently sees a government building, written document, or an "important person".  Then we'll be safe.  And life will be great!

Right?  That's what you're saying, isn't it?  Keep everyone in the dark - the really, really dark - for their own safety?  Um, isn't that kind of what we didn't like about the taliban?  The whole "death sentence because you listened to music" or "death sentence because you went to school and you're a girl" stuff?

You mean we want to be just like THEM?

I think the sidewalk in front of the SAS base needs to get removed at once, before somebody walks down it and inadvertently sees the place, don't you?  It would be the responsible thing to do.  Either that, or just amputate everyone's legs (or eyes) so it can't happen in the first place.

By the way, this is what the base looks like:
If you see it, please don't look at it.  Please.

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