Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Fall of Night

There was so much to say prior to the elections. In the hope that enough people would read, and become educated about what is going on in our country and world, many people said a great many things.

It has been a little more than one week since elections concluded in utter catastrophe. We will of course not know the full extent of the damage which will be done to our country over the coming four years until it has happened. My belief is that the economy will not rebound quickly, and with the nearly omnipotent supervision of democrats throughout the federal government, the suffering will be prolonged.

Expect to lose freedom. Freedom of speech ("Fairness doctrine"), freedom of your puruits of happiness (including "gun control" and "assault weapons ban"); Expect to have less control over your financial choices ("higher taxes, targeted tax breaks") and greatly reduced control over your own medical care.

If you're poor, you can expect to stay that way. You probably voted for democrats, and they'll help keep you in your place, protected like small children from the big, bad wolf.

Republicans will be hailed as evil warmongers who have wrecked the nation and its economy. The solutions proposed will be worse the problems. Then you will be told "it just needs four more years to work".

Expect to pay more for your energy (gasoline, electricity, etc.) as the incoming administration seeks to prevent entrepreneurs from having the economic incentive to build their industries' capacities.
Expect problems overseas to increase, as our enemies got their man for the prez, and they've got a green light in two months or so to kick it up a notch. Which should be easier for them to do once all the "evil Bush" surveillance policies and the resultant secret counter-ops missions are discontinued in favor of "dialogue".

And expect all the rules blown off the table when The Israeli-Iranian conflict finally explodes.

But I'm hopeful that at least all those self-hating liberals will start paying my car payments and rent bills after I've been taxed into poverty. And the medical bills, too. We've got 'em by the bucket-full, so fellow citizens, please pay up so I don't have to!

Ah, Utopia awaits... Until all that nasty bombing in Iran and Israel gets started, anyway. Maybe Utopia Planetia is more appropriately descriptive.

In four years' time, expect the nation's definition of what a truly "hated" president is to come much more clearly into focus. And expect a lot of people who voted for this to learn the true meaning of "buyer's remorse".

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