Saturday, November 1, 2008

McCain grinds ahead

The latest Zogby poll shows McCain +1 over Obama. Completely within the error margin. However, my prediction: if it's polling even, McCain wins. I do not think the folks in the late-deciding political center will break in Obama's favor. I never did, and still don't think that.

It's very interesting to see the variety of polls (and news organizations) saying such dire things about the McCain camp - like it's over already. Clearly, McCain is much more a centrist than Obama (don't laugh - I'm trying to keep a straight face - "Obama" shouldn't be in the same sentence with "centrist"). Who is the middle likely to vote for? Uhhh... McCain?

After Obama's dour and depressing half hour dispair-o-mercial, how many of those folks do you expect he gained? What about how many he turned to McCain? Yeah, I think so, too.

For the first time in a couple weeks, we suddenly are starting to see what looks like the very real possibility of McCain victory. I think this is because the political wind machine is winding down. Biden is hidin' with his mouth duct-taped, and Obama's even tossing press people off his flights now. (would be nice if he'd start doing that in-flight, I'd say.)

My bet, today: Prepare for blood in the streets and burning cars. It's going to be a wild week ahead.

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Roger W. Gardner said...

Hello. Returning the visit. Thanks for the nice comments. This article brings a welcome and heartening message. Still hopeful.