Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fault Intolerance

"Illogical. Illogical. All units relate, all units. Norman, coordinate..."

Democrats are creating the first truly, completely fault-intolerant system in this country.  A system so fragile that even the slightest breeze will crush it like a blade of grass in a stampede of angry unionists.   Where once this country, faulty and politically incorrect as it was, seemed to value its own future and progress more than it's feelings and appearances ... now it's all about the latter.
Make those hybrid vehicles and cram them down everyone's throat.  Right after we rewrite the menus and remove everything you might like.  Don't complain about it using any improper language ("badspeak") derived from poor ideas ("wrongthink").  That would be insensitive, and the UN may have to write you a strongly-worded-letter about that.  At your new address, in the FEMA camp down the street.  Which you paid for.  With what used to be the Social-Security money stolen from your paychecks without your consent.
It's 2012 and the population of our country is losing its' collective mind.  As we approach the Mayan-doomsday which, as media is wont to remind us, is the probable end of everything-as-we-know it, your neighbors are eagerly seeking a way to make this a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Did you have plans for the future?  Sorry.
Even NASA just bothered itself to remind us, after the fact, that a 3-mile-wide asteroid capable of a planetary mass-extinction-event just had a near-miss on us Tuesday.  Wouldn't want to miss out on any of that holiday cheer now, would they?
As the new year approaches, the fiscal-cliff looms, North Korea is perfecting ICBMs, Syria contemplates gassing its population and Iran contemplates incinerating its neighbors ...We can all look forward to the fact that perhaps the $16-trillion debt won't matter and our past freedoms matter even less in the New World Order.  It all doesn't concern you, since we're never going to see January anyway.  But if we do, Civil War II will keep us busy for another decade or more as we render a bloodbath more hideous than mankind has ever seen - right here in your own hometown.
So enjoy the holidays, and if you're lucky enough to survive, well... to quote from John Carpenter's wonderful film "Prince of Darkness" -- "pray for death."

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